When you think about risk management in your projects and programs or preparing for the PMI-RMP exam, do any of these things come to mind?

  • I am managing multiple projects and working overtime, making it difficult to find time to prepare for an exam.

  • I've been managing projects for a long time. I already know everything I need to know about risk management.

  • I don’t need more process; I need better outcomes.

  • I don’t know where to start in preparing for the PMI-RMP exam.

  • I am a PMP, so I’m sure I already know everything needed to pass the PMI-RMP exam.

The PMI-RMP Exam Prep Course does more than prepare you for the exam. It teaches you how to apply risk management in the REAL WORLD.

We’ve proven that our courses work for men and women of various ages (20-65), experienced and new project managers, project management professionals (PMP), and individuals without the PMP.

Taught by a PMI Risk Management Expert - Harry Hall, PMP, PMI-RMP

Imagine how it would feel to pass the PMI-RMP exam...

Distinguished in your organization as a risk management expert, you are known for your exceptional ability to foresee and manage potential pitfalls. Confident in your risk management knowledge and skills, you approach challenges with analytical precision and innovative thinking. With the PMI-RMP certification, you are well-qualified to take on new positions and drive strategic initiatives, elevating the organization's risk management practices.